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Terms & Conditions


MANUKA LAB (New Zealand Manuka Group) reserves the right to decline orders where, in its opinion, a promotional code is invalid for the order being placed.
 Promotional codes have no monetary value and cannot be exchanged for cash.
 Promotional codes cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers or promotions. Offers are not valid on sale items or other discounted products.

Unless otherwise stated Promotion Codes exclude discounted items, multibuy offers, delivery fees.

Please note you may only redeem one Promotion Code at a time.

When you order online check all your details before placing your order by clicking on the "Pay Now" button. Once you have ordered goods online, we will send you an e-mail confirming your order, however, please note that we shall not be responsible if our e-mail is identified by any webmail service as junk mail and undelivered/misdelivered.

Accepted Payment Methods – Online Orders
•    Maestro/Switch
•    Mastercard
•    PayPal
•    Visa
•    Visa Debit
•    Visa Electron
•    Solo

The Customer shall pay the price of the goods in pound sterling. If a credit/debit card associated with a different currency is used, additional bank charges may apply.


For your security, your billing name and address must match that of the credit/debit card used for payment. We reserve the right to cancel any order that does not match these criteria.


When ordering from our Website, you can contact us to give us a different delivery address or change your method of payment. You can also e-mail us through our Website to:

Select a different delivery address,
Change your method of payment
Change your address, telephone number, other contact details


On some occasions, orders or parts of an order may be cancelled by our system due to:

•    Problems with processing payment information
•    Unavailability of the item(s)
•    Inability to deliver to address provided
•    Your request for cancellation
•    Duplication of the orders

If you would like to cancel your order please e-mail: uksales@nzmanukagroup.com with your order reference/number. If your order has already been dispatched, we will notify you of this fact. Then once you receive the item(s), please return them in accordance with the Returns Procedure below.


If for any reason you are not satisfied with the goods you ordered, you have the right to return the goods to us within 14 working days from receipt of the goods. You must notify us by email: uksales@nzmanukagroup.com.

You will be required by the terms of this Contract, to return the goods to:
Manuka Lab UK c/o Ark H Handling, Unit 33, Watson Road, Wilstead Industrial Park, Wilstead MK45 3PD.

In such cases, and provided the goods are received according to this Procedure, we will reimburse the cost of the goods within 30 days of receiving your returned goods.

If you return the goods for reasons other than: incomplete delivery, or incorrect delivery, or goods being defective, you will be responsible for arranging and paying for the return of the goods to us. Please ensure you receive and retain a proof of postage.

You must ensure that the goods are stored safely and in appropriate conditions until they are returned to us.

Returned goods must be unused.  We will not accept return of goods that we reasonably believe have been used.  In such cases, you will be notified by e-mail that no refund will be made available to you and it will be your responsibility to arrange the return of the goods to you within 30 days of our e-mail regarding lack of refund.

Damaged or Faulty Items:
You are responsible for examining the goods following delivery.  If the goods delivered are damaged or faulty in any way, please notify us within 5 working days from the delivery by e-mail: uksales@nzmanukagroup.com

Provided that the goods are unused and have been stored safely and in appropriate conditions, we will replace the goods or offer you a refund.

Non-delivered or Incorrect Items
Within the order packaging, you will find a Delivery Note listing goods that you ordered.  If the goods delivered do not match those listed, please notify us within 5 working days from the delivery by email: uksales@nzmanukagroup.com.

Provided that the goods are unused and have been stored safely and in appropriate conditions, we will replace the goods or offer you a refund. In the absence of your notice within 5 working days, we shall not be liable in respect of undelivered, incorrect or defective goods if defects have occurred during transportation and would be apparent on examination. Please provide our Customer Services Team with your order number and keep the original packaging of the items. Goods must be returned to us within 14 working days of delivery. Please ensure that the returned parcel is properly sealed and that you receive and retain a proof of postage. If we accept your return and if you have chosen a refund, we will process the refund within 30 days of the goods. You will be notified by email from our Customer Services Team.

Exchanges and replacements will be processed within 5 working days of receiving the goods.
We are not liable for returned goods lost in transit. Your statutory rights remain unaffected.

User Generated Content Terms of Use
1. Introduction
a) These terms and conditions (“Terms”) apply to our use of any words, pictures, images, data, information or any other piece of content created by you (“Content”) that you upload, post or share using third party websites or platforms including but not limited to Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Snapchat and Twitter (the “Third Party Platforms”) and which we use on our website, in other marketing channels or in any NZMG owned social media platforms (“NZMG Media”). For further information please also read our Privacy Policy [https://www.manukalab.co.uk/pages/privacy-policy]. 
b) The use of your Content is carried out by NZMG Limited and/or its direct and indirect affiliates and subsidiaries (collectively, "NZMG").

c) You consent to and acknowledge the use of any personal data associated with your Content by NZMG on the terms of the NZMG Privacy Policy. 
d) If we would like to use your Content in any NZMG Media, we will contact you on the relevant Third Party Platform and/or via any other digital media (such as email) to ask for your consent to use your Content. We will ask you to reply to us confirming you agree to allow us to use your Content in NZMG Media. Once you have given your consent to us in this way, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions as well as the terms of use of any relevant Third Party Platform.

e) You must respond directly to us within the same chat, thread or by private message in order to release the agreed Content to us. If we do not receive your response within 7 days from the date we contacted you, we will assume that you do not consent to our use of your Content and your Content will not be used by us in any NZMG Media.

2. You and Your Content

You should only grant us permission to use your Content, if the following conditions are met:

i. You are 18 years or older;
ii. If minors are depicted in your Content, you are a parent/guardian with legal responsibility for any minors depicted in the Content; 
iii. You grant permission for NZMG to process and use your name, social media handle, image, likeness and/or other personal information in connection with using your Content as contemplated by these Terms; 
iv. You have permission from any and all third parties appearing in your Content for NZMG to process and use their names, social media handles, images or likenesses and/or other personal information in connection with using your Content as contemplated by these Terms; 
v. You own or otherwise control the rights to use your Content and any and all elements contained within the Content; and 
vi. Your Content, and NZMG’s proposed use of your Content pursuant to these Terms, does not infringe or violate the rights of any third parties, including but not limited to intellectual property rights, copyright, trade marks, patent, defamation or confidentiality.
vii. It is not necessary to purchase anything from NZMG in order to contribute Content to NZMG Media.

3. Rights of use
a) You shall at all times retain ownership of your Content.

b) You hereby grant to NZMG a non-exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide, sub-licensable right to use your Content by displaying it on any of NZMG’s websites, social media channels, in dealerships and/or in other advertising.

c) NZMG may use, reproduce, distribute, combine with other materials, alter and/or edit your Photos in any manner in its sole discretion, with no obligation to you whatsoever.

d) NZMG rights set out above shall expire 3 years after your acceptance of NZMG’s request to use your Content. You may revoke NZMG’s rights to use your Content before the expiry of NZMG’s rights by: 
i. Removing your Content from the underlying social media platform on which you agreed to allow NZMG to use your Content; or 
ii. Emailing NZMG stating that you no longer wish NZMG to use your Content at wecare@manukalab.co.uk.

e) If you revoke NZMG’s rights to use your Content as set out above, NZMG shall stop using your Content within 20 days.

4. You and New Zealand Manuka Group Limited (NZMG)

a) NZMG is not required to use your Content, even if you have accepted NZMG request to use it. NZMG may choose to use, use and stop using, reuse or not use your Content at any time.

b) You acknowledge that NZMG is not responsible for, and has no liability for, any use of all or any part of your Content outside of the uses contemplated by these Terms. You agree to release NZMG, along with its respective officers, directors, employees, agents, licensees and successors from any and all claims that you or any persons acting on your behalf have or may have relating to the use of your Content in accordance with these Terms.

c) You hereby release and discharge NZMG from all and any obligation to pay you for any use of your Content and any of the intellectual property rights contained therein in connection with the uses described above.

d) To the extent it is permitted by law to do so, we accept no liability for any damage, injury or loss suffered due to our use of your Content.

e) We will only use personal information supplied by you for the purposes of posting your Content, unless you provide your consent for us to use your personal information for any other agreed purpose.

f) These terms are governed by English law and any disputes in relation to them are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

MANUKA LAB® is a brand owned by New Zealand Manuka Group™.
New Zealand Manuka Group Europe Limited is a division of New Zealand Manuka Group. Our address is:

Global Mānuka UK Ltd T/a Mānuka Lab, Suite 102, 161 High Street, Ruislip, London, HA4 8JY

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