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MGO is a naturally occurring chemical compound that is used to measure the antibacterial level of Mānuka honey. It’s because of these studied antibacterial effects that MGO Mānuka Honey is used to create products that may support our wellbeing – Medical grade Mānuka honey is used to aid the healing process of cuts, burns and wounds in hospitals and clinics around the world.

New Zealand is a remote, untouched and unspoiled island paradise. From this unique location, exotic and diverse native plant species flourish. Indigenous Mānuka grows in abundance all over our island nation and we carefully select only the finest to make our high-quality UMF Mānuka honey and high-potency MβTK™ Mānuka oil.

Unique climate conditions are required to produce the highest strength Mānuka. The soil, climate and ecological environment conditions all combine to create ideal growing conditions.

We know the sunny region of the East Cape of New Zealand produces some Mānuka of the finest quality. And our team of scientists, beekeepers, and horticulture specialists continue to investigate other regions, to understand and discover the UMF and MβTK™ properties throughout New Zealand.

Fair Share Programme

Our Mānuka honey and Mānuka oil is sustainably sourced from native Mānuka plant that flourishes throughout the remote coastal regions of New Zealand.

Working in partnership with the landowners who nurture and guard our precious resource, Mānuka, our Fair Share Programme is an open and transparent scheme that gives a percentage of the income gained from the Mānuka honey and oil back to the landowner. Thereby directly benefiting the remote, coastal communities.

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