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Your Hair’s Best Friend: Mānuka Honey and Tea Tree Oil

Your Hair’s Best Friend: Mānuka Honey and Tea Tree Oil

Picture yourself in a field filled with trees overflowing with tiny, delicate flowers. On each flower, sits a busy little bee, collecting as much pollen as his itty bitty wings can carry. Welcome to the Mānuka Tree farm - a beautiful spot in the foothills and seascapes of stunning New Zealand.

Mānuka trees have been revered by the native Maori people for thousands of years and it’s no surprise why when we dig a little deeper into the power of these magnificent plants.

Famous mostly for the unique honey that comes from their pollen, Mānuka trees have a spectacularly useful oil that comes from their richly scented bark.

Mānuka oil is used globally for its antimicrobial properties, and finds use in hospitals world wide thanks to these elements.

Happy scalp, happy hair

Dry scalps can be caused by many factors, one of the most common being a build up of harmful bacteria. These microbes lead to dry, flaky skin, which we often try and treat with moisture rich shampoos and conditioners, without addressing the primary issues.

By adding Mānuka oil, and bacteria fighting Tea Tree oil into our shampoo and conditioner, the scalp is repeatedly cleansed of any potential bacterial build up. When combined with the hydrating, and restorative properties of Mānuka honey, the scalp is left clean, and nourished - so no more flaky, itchy scalp!

Move over Rapunzel

Rapunzel had magic, but we’ve got science to promote the growth of luscious, silky locks. With the scalp looking its best, the hair follicles are left stronger than ever. This promotes faster growth, and stronger roots - that means less breakage and fallout, and more Disney Princess (or Prince!) locks.

But it’s not just new hair growth that’s getting the VIP treatment; Mānuka honey is flush with natural goodness that restores moisture in hair. It’s important that whilst stripping away bad oils that accumulate, healthy, good oils are replacing them to avoid dry, frizzy hair.

The secrets of honey when it came to having healthy, silky, soft hair have been recognised for thousands of years, and we’ve bottled those secrets for you to use morning and night with our Triple Action Shampoo, and conditioner. 

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