What is Mānuka Oil and how can it be used & compared to Tea Tree Oil?
What is Mānuka Oil and how can it be used & compared to Tea Tree Oil?

Mānuka Oil is the Essential Oil distilled from the leaf of the Mānuka tree. Research shows Mānuka Oil is one of the highest antimicrobial Essential Oils in the world making it a powerful ingredient for skin care and oral hygiene.

Mānuka Oil is particularly effective against gram positive bacteria which include Staphylococcus and Streptococcus bacteria. At a dilution of 2500-1 high grade Mānuka Oil will still kill MRSA the superbug.

Mānuka Oil is 16 x stronger than Tea Tree Oil on P. acne and 3 x Stronger on MRSA super bug.

Tea Tree Oil in combination with Mānuka Oil provides a broad spectrum of bacteria control.

Mānuka Lab’s Triple Action range with Mānuka Oil and Tea Tree Oil in combination with Mānuka Honey was developed specifically to provide broad-spectrum protection and balance for your skin.

The recognised natural occurring chemical marker in Mānuka Oil that indicates antimicrobial strength is Beta Triketones.

A grading system for Beta Triketones has been developed in New Zealand and is known as MßTKTM. MßTKTM is measured by the percentage of its content in Mānuka Oil and an average strength oil is 20% Triketones or MßTKTM 20+. New Zealand Mānuka Group harvests its Mānuka oil from the region that produces the highest levels of MßTKTM.

New Zealand Mānuka Group has developed an extensive range of effective personal care and oral hygiene consumer products using Mānuka Oil and Mānuka Honey. Mānuka Oil and Mānuka Honey are synergistic
and ideal remedial and restoration when used in combination.

NZMG developed Melora® Dual Action Range using the power of Mānuka Honey & Oil.

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