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What is Manuka Honey good for?

What is Manuka Honey good for?

If you’ve heard about the goodness of Manuka honey and want to know more about the various ways in which it can be used to safeguard your everyday wellbeing, then you’ve found the right place here at the Manuka Lab.

As leading providers of genuine Manuka honey in the UK, we are passionate about this gift of nature and go the extra mile to ensure that the produce we retail is of the highest standards. You can feel confident in knowing that any purchase with us is genuine and geared towards wellbeing.

Using Manuka Honey

The unique nutritional content of Manuka honey makes it a much better choice for our wellbeing than other types of honey. The ‘MGO’ rating you may see on Manuka products refers to ‘Methylglyoxal’ – the active ingredient in genuine Manuka that provides a heightened anti-bacterial quality. This isn’t something found in most other types of honey.

The Manuka flower is rare, found only in New Zealand and grown only near where it can thrive due to its perfect environment. The combination between climate and soil composition creates an optimum setting which supports this plant's growth; providing us with natural benefits.

If you’re interested in learning about the natural benefits Manuka honey can provide, here are a few ways in which it can help:


  • An energy support – Manuka is often cited as being an excellent aid in helping to combat illnesses such as colds, coughs and sore throats because it can help our bodies retain vitamins while we’re feeling under the weather. It also boosts energy levels which reduces the effects of these illnesses on a daily basis, especially during winter months when such illnesses are rife.

  • Food ingredient/natural sweetener – Honey is a versatile ingredient that can be added to many dishes for extra sweetness. From breakfast toast, pancakes and porridge; it’s also used in drinks like juices or tea and to glaze meat. Honey is also a great alternative to sugar – it does not raise blood sugar levels as quickly as the average white sugar, so honey is often used as a healthier substitute to sweeten drinks.

  • An aid to gut health – Having too much sugar in our diets can potentially lead to health complications, including inflammation. With honey being a good replacement for white and artificial sugars, the increased beneficial elements of Manuka can further help to support gut health. All the more reason to include Manuka in your daily recipes!

  • Skincare and wound healing – The unique properties of natural MGO manuka make it perfect to include as part of a daily skincare routine, as well as a healing aid against cuts. As it’s naturally-produced, Manuka does not contain added chemicals that can cause many people’s skin from becoming redden and sore – often, it’s natural products such as Manuka honey that may help to soothe those irritations. Manuka also aids the healing process of broken skin, including small cuts and scratches. Manuka antibacterial wound gel helps to create an environment where dressings work better by cleaning your wounds of bacteria while also helping you feel more healed than ever before.

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Have any more questions about Manuka Honey benefits? Get in touch with our experts!

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