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Tips On Using Manuka Honey For Summer Wellness

Tips On Using Manuka Honey For Summer Wellness

There are many great reasons for using Manuka honey, using it during the summer season appears to be beneficial because it has so many uses against seasonal problems such as skin complaints, allergies and fatigue that many people could see a real benefit from adding it to their diets.

The great thing about Manuka honey is that it tastes great with a wide range of foods or as a side ingredient, these foods include items such as salmon, chicken, yogurt, vegetables, nuts and even sweet potato, as you can see you can fit this honey into a wide range of your favourite meals and foods, it is extremely diverse and has many health properties.

Taking Manuka Honey In The Summer Months

One thing that people need these days is to gain a deeper understanding of the concept of the term summer wellness, this wellness trend means that you will align your body both physically and mentally and prepare the body to endure the long days, the bright sunshine and best of all the glorious warmer temperatures that the summer time can bring, after all, spending such a large amount of time in the winter months can really mess up the natural rhythm of your body and mind.

The summer time is simply a time we all look forward to during the cold and dark winter months, we can’t wait to get back outside and meet up with friends and family but we must also plan for this time so we don’t become worn out and fatigued by our bodies adapting to a new situation, a true plan for summer wellness should include focusing on better health and improving your diet so you have the extra energy requirements to deal with summer.

In general, the best tips for dealing with summer is basic things such as applying sun cream to prevent burns, making sure you stay well hydrated by consuming more water and eating more hydrating foods such as fruit and veggies and also taking better care of your skin, which is one of the benefits of Manuka honey as it contains plenty of vitamins and minerals that help to boost collagen and it also helps to boost anti- oxidants which stop the skin from being damaged.

There are many reports of people feeling extremely tired during the summer months which has been at odds for them as during the winter they felt fine, the summer time can be very hard for our bodies to adapt to as time in the sun and longer amounts of daylight can wreak havoc on our sleeping patterns, since it can get so warm you may also have trouble sleeping in the heat which can contribute to feelings of fatigue and being worn out.

To combat fatigue during the summer months you can start taking Manuka honey regularly during this season as it is naturally packed with B vitamins which are essential for daily energy production so these are a great way to boost your energy levels when you feel drained by the sun.

During the summer months we also see a large increase in people exercising outside, during winter people tend to exercise indoors either at home or at a gym to combat the weather but in the summer months they tend to venture outside and go for long runs or walks so that they can enjoy the nice weather and soak up the sun, the most important thing to remember is that during times of increased exercise your body really needs a boost of extra vitamins and minerals from your diet, this is to keep your energy levels higher and help you go for longer during your exercise sessions and so Manuka honey provides many additional vitamins and minerals that you would need to stay energised.

Enjoy Manuka Honey As Part Of Any Meal

Another tip for dealing with the summer is to remember that it can make it much harder for the body to maintain a balanced internal temperature and this is because the body must spend additional resources to keep you cool, this explains why some people feel so tired and drained during the summer months and it’s because the body is working much harder than it would under normal conditions.

Recent studies have shown that summer time can provide a great boost to both our mental and physical well being with many people reporting feeling better mentally during the summer months, it is speculated that this may be the direct result of increased exposure to sunlight and also longer days, the studies also show that we tend to focus more on our health during the summer and we improve our diets to include more fruits and vegetables and also do more physical activities outside which helps to boost our physical fitness.

Another interesting tip is that from research we can see that people tend to have a drop in appetite during the warm weather months so Manuka would be an easy way to get in some much needed calories without being too heavy on the stomach, the sun tends to make people more thirsty so people tend to drink more which has an effect of reducing the need or desire for more food.

Another way you could use Manuka honey during the summer time is to have a BBQ and invite over some friends and family, this honey can be used as either part of the meal or as a side so that people can use it for dipping food into.

There are many other ways you can use Manuka honey during the summer time when it comes to food, some of these ideas include things like drizzling it over ice cream, adding it in as a sweetener in ice tea and serving it as a cooling drink, honey glazed BBQ chicken, making a honey frozen yogurt snack and many more.

So many people report that they find summer time the worst time to keep up with a routine, as you roll into the new year and make your resolutions to stick to your new habits you may find your resolve has broken by the time summer rolls around, many people just want to drop everything and go sit in the garden in the shade and with a cool drink as they are just tired and overheated.

One way to combat this feeling is to take a little bit of time out of your day and focus on the small things, being more mindful of your everyday surroundings and sitting in nature will certainly make you appreciate the small things in life, if you are looking to make some improvements this summer, then try to focus on how to change things like what you eat, how you move your body, how much you sleep, how you relate to others and how you deal with stress.

Overall, we can see that the summer months can actually be a very tough and draining time for many people but also a time of solid self reflection and a time which allows people to focus on making positive changes such as dietary changes, reflecting on their lives and also building relationships with others.

We can see many benefits of using Manuka honey each day during the summer time as it provides a tremendous benefit for those who seem to struggle with low energy but also want to get outside and exercise and do other activities, it can provide many B vitamins to help to combat fatigue and also can be used as a quick energy release during the long summer days.

Manuka Honey Has Anti-Histamine Properties

Another potential benefit of Manuka honey is that it has some anti-histamine properties which makes it a very good purchase for someone with seasonal allergies such as Hay fever, for any hay fever sufferer they will find that summer time is a really bad time unless they have some medication which can often make them feel rather drowsy and has other side effects, Manuka may be able to assist and has been shown to help clear out the nasal passages which means you won’t need to worry about sneezing as often or getting watery eyes from increasing pollen levels.

Manuka honey is known to be have great effect on our stomachs, it may provide a good pre-biotic which helps to feed our good gut bacteria and in turn this helps to boost our overall immunity, during the summer months many people find they get sick as they tend to mix with more people and have more meetups with friends and family. So if you need something to keep your immunity guarded then try Manuka honey as a way to prevent you from getting run down and research has even shown that having good gut bacteria can also make it easier to digest foods and keeps our stomach happy, a happy gut is often a good indicator for overall mental and physical well being.


Make A Difference This Summer With Manuka Honey

We can see that adding Manuka to your diet makes a real difference in the summer time months and you could have many benefits from adding it to your daily intake. Check out our Manuka honey at Manuka Lab and kick start your summer wellness regime.

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