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Sweeten Your Summer & Fight Allergies With Manuka Honey

Sweeten Your Summer & Fight Allergies With Manuka Honey

Sweeten Your Summer & Fight Allergies With Manuka Honey

Summer time in the UK is a very special time that everyone looks forward to especially after the rain and cold that winter brings. We look forward to sitting out in the garden with a cold drink and soaking up the sun, we look forward to summer time BBQs with friends and family and we look forward to taking a trip to the park and having a picnic, sadly summer time is often ruined for those who have allergies, this article will explore how Manuka honey may be used to combat hay fever and other allergies.


Manuka Honey A Natural Alternative

Some of the symptoms begin just as summer time is starting to roll around, you feel the familiar tickle in the back of your throat, itchy eyes, sneezing and a runny nose and you just know the pollen count must be getting higher, most people end up stocking up on antihistamine medications, but they can make you feel very drowsy and can have interactions with other medications so you may be seeking a safe and natural alternative which is what Manuka may provide.


One overlooked area of having seasonal allergies is just how much it can affect your mental state, it can be extremely difficult to enjoy summer when you are constantly sneezing and feeling irritated, there is also the matter of fatigue that comes from taking traditional medication which means not only do you feel in a bad mood but you are also extremely tired and lethargic, many people with allergies end up staying indoors during the summer months because sometimes it feels like it’s just not worth putting up with the symptoms for a few hours outside.


Another good immune support supplement, which is required as a result of staying indoors more, we can miss out on vital intake of Vitamin D which we get from direct sunlight exposure, this can leave us run down and lower our immune system because Vitamin D is one of the most critical requirements for your body to function optimally, lower levels of Vitamin D can cause a whole host of long term biological issues, therefore it’s wise to plan ahead for the summer and find solutions to season allergies before you need them.


Since Manuka honey may be good for seasonal allergies, then you should buy it in advance and make sure you are stocked before the summer time rolls around, you need  to be taking Manuka to support immunity and taking it every day will give your body the boost it needs to survive the high pollen counts that happen in summer, if you plan ahead then you can enjoy more time in the sun with your children, family or friends.


Honey has been used for thousands of years for its medicinal purposes, it has been used by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, they used it to heal wounds and it has been shown to have countless other health benefits, one of those benefits is in treating season allergies like hay fever which around 1 in 4 people in the UK are thought to suffer from, we need to come up with solutions to this problem and reclaim the summer time for those who suffer from allergies, we can do this by taking a look at older solutions which have less side effects and have a long history of success and can provide us with an all natural remedy that can be taken daily.


Studies have shown positive results with allergy style symptoms by taking Manuka during the summer months with one study even showing that the benefits lasted a full month after stopping taking the Manuka, one of the ways that this honey can help is by improving your internal responses and biological reactions to allergies, evidence has suggested that Manuka honey can reduce inflammation of the airways, suppress the immune system’s response to allergies and even reduce nasal mucus.

Manuka Honey Is Packed With Nutrients

Manuka honey has a strong reputation for being packed with nutritions that can help support  your health and energy levels, it’s great for medicinal use as it contains the highest levels of anti-bacterial properties and is also full of antioxidants which are compounds found in food that scavenge and neutralise free radicals and helps prevent cell damage, as a bonus to these health properties Manuka honey is also a great natural anti-histamine so can really help those who struggle with summer allergies.


There must be a word of caution for certain individuals as certain types of honey can yield an allergic response when consumed, this is almost always due to consuming multifloral honey which is honey made from pollen sourced from multiple plants, the best thing about Manuka is that it is a true monofloral source which means it only comes from a single plant, but it’s always best to consult your doctor before you make any changes to your diet or lifestyle so always be on the safe side.


There are many ways to get your daily intake of Manuka honey, some people like consuming it directly as most people tend to take Manuka on a morning time so they get the benefits during the day, the good news is that there are a variety of ways to consume this honey so why not try adding it to your morning cup of tea or coffee or even try adding it to your favourite fruit and another option could be having it as a side dish with your breakfast, either way you should be able to find a way to consume this honey that works with your schedule and preference.


Invest In Your Health

One of the best investments in your health you can make this summer is to purchase Manuka honey with a high concentration of Methylglyoxal content as this will have the highest amount of antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties, these are critical to unleashing the true health benefits of Manuka and will help you to keep those annoying seasonal allergies under control allowing you to finally get on with enjoying the elusive summer months.


A great option for high pollen days is to take Manuka alongside your antihistamine medications, since these medications can cause some people to become drowsy then Manuka can be used to offset this issue as it contains energy boosting vitamins and minerals that may help to combat the onset of fatigue, it is always recommended to check for interactions between foods and medication first but many would benefit from taking something to help combat the side effects of traditional antihistamines.


You may be wondering exactly how allergic reactions seem to affect you so badly every time summer rolls around, the human body produces an allergic response when the immune system makes Immunoglobulin E (IgE) antibodies which can take something harmless to the body like pollen and sets off a chain reaction response to try to get it out of the body, this is when your body releases chemicals known as histamines and taking Manuka may help to overcome these issues and prevent symptoms of histamine release such as a runny nose, wheezing chest and a rattling cough.


Other symptoms of histamine release in the body include things like itching, swelling, hives, skin rashes and a constant runny nose, these are all symptoms of histamine release that you should be wary of, regular consumption of Manuka honey can help to ease these symptoms and allow you to get on with your day without any issues.


Another thing that has to be mentioned is that Manuka contains Oligosaccharides which are a carbohydrate that acts as a prebiotic in the gut, this prebiotic can help to feed your good gut bacteria which have been shown to have countless benefits including improved mood, improved digestion and can even help you lose weight, another benefit of topping up your healthy bacteria..


There are many reasons why your gut bacteria could be unbalanced and these are mainly lifestyle choices, a diet that is high in sugar and carb rich food contribute to bad bacteria overgrowing in the gut, a low fibre diet also does this as it makes food that you have digested sit in the gut for too long, there is also the fact that many chronic health conditions can lower the immune system which makes it harder for your body to fight against the bad bacteria from taking over, the last thing that can effect bacteria is medication, certain medications can cause poor gut health and also lower your immunity which makes you more susceptible to future gut problems.


The microbiome in your gut plays a major role in your overall health, but especially when it comes to allergies in the summertime, there are various lifestyle changes you can make to boost your gut health such as lowering stress levels, getting quality sleep, chewing your food slowly, good hydration and also taking probiotics, since Manuka is a good source of prebiotics you can be sure that with every drop of this honey you are supporting your internal gut bacteria.


Another bacteria you should be mindful of is staphylococcus aureus which has been shown to be found in many people who have seasonal allergies, this bacteria have been implicated with producing common seasonal allergy symptoms, you can use Manuka to combat this bacteria because it contains MGO which is a potent anti-bacterial and will help you fight against this bacteria and reduce hay fever symptoms so you can go about your day in peace.


Build up your defence with Manuka Honey

In summary, Manuka is a great  to take to support  seasonal allergies and will allow you to build up your immune system during summer, you may see reduced symptoms and overall a general better sense of well being when you consume Manuka, it has so many great benefits that can help you combat annoying allergies that seem to destroy your summer time experiences.

Enjoy manuka honey in the summer time and  all year round, buy yours online today at Manuka Lab.


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