Manuka Honey Uses for 2022 | Manuka Lab– Manuka Lab UK
Manuka Honey Uses for 2022 | Manuka Lab

Manuka Honey Uses for 2022 | Manuka Lab

For several years now, Manuka honey has been referred to as a ‘superfood’ – its uniqueness sees it used in a multitude of different recipes. However, Manuka honey uses go far beyond the culinary world – the honey’s chemical makeup has been studied as having potential positive effects on our wellbeing too. This is why Manuka is used to supplement wellness and even as support for skincare; helping along the healing process of damaged skin.

In this blog, we’re going to look at a few of the benefits Manuka honey can provide and how they may help to contribute to better wellbeing in these cold months.

Manuka Honey Uses: What’s behind its antimicrobial properties?

Making use of honey to guard against or soothe the effects of winter illness is nothing new – the average jar of honey has some degree of antibacterial element thanks to the presence of Hydrogen Peroxide. However, Hydrogen Peroxide is not stable and can be affected by several different factors – including the time it sits on the shelf or being exposed to light. Manuka, on the other hand, does not rely on Hydrogen Peroxide for its antimicrobial properties – this is provided by Methylglyoxal (MGO); a stable and more effective naturally occurring..

What everyday wellness can Manuka Honey support?

If you’re considering adding Manuka honey to your everyday routine this winter, here are some great ways in which you can do so:

  • As winter wellness support. The colder months are difficult for many of us who need that extra ‘pick me up’ to support our immunity. Honey has been recommended by PHE with lemon as a soothing drink for sore throats. As well as honey drops. Coupled with the naturally occurring antimicrobial activity makes Manuka a finer honey. 
  • As a natural ingredient or sweetener. Honey is well-known for its use as an ingredient to provide a sweet touch to any dish it’s included in; whether it’s pancakes, breakfast toast, fresh fruits, porridge, and countless other foods. The range of Manuka honey uses even extends to being as a sugar substitute; the lower Glycaemic Index level of honey doesn’t raise blood sugar levels as much as the average white sugar. With the benefits of Manuka to be enjoyed, your morning brew has just tasted healthier!
  • As a skincare agent. Both cold & hot weather plays havoc with our skin, taking away the moisture we need to keep it hydrated. The issue that some moisturisers have is that they have several chemicals that not everyone’s skin will be suited to, meaning that finding the right one could potentially be expensive. With Manuka honey being produced naturally (with no added artificial chemicals), skincare products made with this special honey can help to soothe irritation, leaving hydrated skin that is smooth and soft.


Those were just a few Manuka honey uses that you can employ this year – if you’re interested in learning more about Manuka or have any questions about any of the products you may see on our website, our team are on hand to assist you.

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