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Make This New Year Better To Squeezy Manuka Honey This Year

Make This New Year Better To Squeezy Manuka Honey This Year

2023 has finally arrived, and so have our new Manuka Squeezy’s. It is cold outside as we huddle our shivering bodies inside the comfort of your sheets, we need to understand that we need to go out - which is why we got to embrace the Manuka Honey shield.

Coming straight out of the Manuka trees of New Zealand, Manuka honey has got everything when it comes to health and taste. It has a slightly bitter, slightly sweeter earthy taste that carries its heavy texture across every dish you eat. And when this honey is packed inside a squeezy jar, you can enjoy it on the go and put it on every dish you see.

Why do you need the new squeezy manuka honey

January of 2023 is especially cold, but when the cold arrives, it is not only the immunity you need to worry about – it is your hunger too. That is why you need something portable, something healthy, and something that you can squeeze over your favorite dishes to make them taste sweeter, healthier, and better.

So, here are the reasons why you need the Squeezy Manuka Honey with you

A great honey is a great ally to combat this cold weather

It doesn’t need to beat over your head that when the weather is cold, your health can be compromised very easily. Sniffles get common, and soon, the sore throat makes it harder for you to speak. That is when you’d be thankful if you had a bottle of squeezy manuka honey in your pocket. Drop a teabag inside a cup of hot water and squeeze some Manuka honey over it for two seconds.

The result is you get a tasty delight that calms your nerves and your throat and gives you much-needed warmth this season.


Keep up with your new year's resolution by adopting healthier options

Do you remember your New Year’s resolution when you decided that you’d be taking better care of yourself, that you’d go to the gym, and limit the amount of sugar in yourself? Now that 1st January is long gone, it is getting harder to keep up with that promise, isn't it? So, here is a simple solution: Get a squeezy bottle of manuka honey in your pocket and add more flavor to the fruits you plan on eating by squeezing hard and drizzling a healthy helping of Manuka honey. Those homemade crepes become far healthier when you eat them with Manuka honey on top. Got a sugar-free ice cream that you want to add a bit more sweetness too? Squeeze some Manuka honey on top of that as well. Time to embrace a healthier option while you eat your favorite dishes.


Try out new recipes with this Manuka Honey

If you are not satisfied with only drizzling the honey over some of your favorite dishes, you can use this squeezy honey to make something completely new on your own. What about something simple at the start – Manuka honey pancakes? Better and less sugary than the standard maple syrup and offers a much better and heavier taste.

Or you can go with peanut brittle instead – mix peanuts and a massive squeeze of the squeezy manuka honey are all the ingredients you need to have a go at it.

You can search online for other recipes if you like, and we assure you – all of them would become much better with the squeezy Manuka honey.

Why not try new flavours?

Within our squeezy range we have:


Manuka and Blueberry

Manuka and Ginger

Manuka and Lemon

Perfect for breakfasts, your lovely pancakes, overnight oats, porridge, the new Weetabix challenge of overnight Weetabix, in food recipes and hot drinks.


Why squeezy manuka Honey from Manuka Lab is what you need to step into this new year in a healthier way

The market has had an influx of Manuka honey-like products, but not all of them make the cut of being the best honey that’s delivered to your doorstep. All our squeezys are blended with Natural fruit extracts. That is where Manuka Lab Manuka honey stands leagues ahead of its competitors.


Authentic Manuka Honey Straight from the Manuka trees of New Zealand

With Manuka Lab Manuka Honey, you get a 330-gram jar of manuka honey. What you get here is Manuka honey that you can trace right to its hive. Collected straight from the Kiwi bees, the squeezy manuka honey comes to you straight from the labor of our beekeepers working tirelessly in the NZ east coast.


Ethical and sustainable – sourced using the best practices in the market

Bees are crucial to the ecosystem – and so are their hives. That is why we find it crucial to make sure that all our honey-based products are sourced as ethically as possible. And proceeds of the honey sales are distributed equally among manuka plant owners – ensuring that our movement to keep the Manuka plants protected is never undercut by the greed of the few. Helping the environment is the indirect impact of buying Manuka honey.


Certified MGO rating of 70+

The Manuka Honey that prepares is tested for the highest quality of purity to ensure that all who are involved get the best product possible. With that in mind, Manuka Lab test the manuka honey independently, ensuring that the product meets the required NZ regulations. The test goes beyond the surface-level assessment of the texture and the taste of Manuka honey – but the Methylglyoxal content of your Manuka honey is also thoroughly tested so that you get the most authentic and healthiest product from us. 

Reach out to Manuka Lab to get the best quality Manuka Honey

Do you want your Squeezy Honey to have all the goodness without any of the faults? Reach out to Manuka Lab. We test our Manuka Honey again and then some to make sure that you get the best product when you order the honey from. And it will come with a regulatory stamp of approval.

So, reach out to us and get your squeezy honey from Manuka lab. 

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