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How The Best Mānuka Honey Fights A Cold & Soothes A Sore Throat

How The Best Mānuka Honey Fights A Cold & Soothes A Sore Throat

As we head into winter let us get one thing straight – the temperature fluctuations will likely push your bodies to the brink, and cold and flu will become common. We can rely on over-the-counter medication, yes, but if we have to be functional, we must look for a way that makes us a little feel better and be more active. Whilst folklore remedies have been considered as “alternative” there is scientific evidence of Manuka honey being a remedy for winter. Of course, we are talking about the best Mānuka Honey.

In our entire catalog of traditional remedies, we try everything from keeping our bodies warm to eating fruits and vegetables for good health. But when cold and flu come, and our senses don't work that well, we need a remedy straight away, which is where Mānuka honey has come into play with its extra thickness and less sweet taste.

Mānuka Honey has been around for a long time, but it was only until the 1980s that the scientific community started to pay attention to it. Nowadays, everyone from Gwyneth Paltrow to Khloe Kardashian is fawning over this superfood.

What does science say about Mānuka Honey?

Produced from the Leptospermum species of plants, Mānuka honey has been one of the most researched traditional remedies in scientific communities. We only have to search through the national library of Medicine to see the vast library of peer reviewed papers. Professor Peter Molan was one of the first to report the unusual activity of Manuka honey and tested Manuka against a range of bacteria. Professor Molan and other researchers have found:

Mānuka Honey is part superfood

Mānuka honey plays a unique role as a part superfood and part medicine. Due to its high sugar and low Ph. It is due to this reason that it has been embraced by mainstream medicine to be used topically for tissue regeneration and treating wounds. Certain formats of Mānuka honey are approved as a medical device.

Mānuka Honey is antibacterial

Due to Mānuka Honey's antibacterial nature, modern medicine has started to use it in conjunction with other medications to heal cuts, deal with skin ailments and treat burn care. Extensive research is also being done to assess its ability to deal with issues such as cystic fibrosis, as a prebiotic, support immunity.


Why use Mānuka Honey?

As research shows, Mānuka honey is great as a traditional remedy. The reason why Mānuka honey has such high antibacterial properties is because of its high MGO concentration. Here are the five major benefits of Mānuka honey.

It helps with the treatment of wounds

The US FDA has approved Mānuka honey for the treatment of wounds. By being antioxidant and rich in antibacterial properties, Mānuka honey has a lower pH than most honey, making it a great product that promotes wound healing.

Mānuka Honey for oral health

Limited research shows that Mānuka honey is highly effective in improving oral health. A study done in 2014 has also demonstrated that Mānuka honey can help against the build-up of dental plaque and can prevent gingivitis. Chewing Mānuka honey "chews" can reduce gingival bleeding more than sugar-free chewing gum.

It heals the skin

Mānuka honey has a hydrating effect on the skin courtesy of fructose, glucose, and amino acids, which helps moisturize the skin. The honey's antibacterial and anti-inflammation properties come into play when dealing with better skin.

Mānuka Honey for sore throat and the flu

Perhaps the biggest advantage of Mānuka Honey is how it deals with sore throat and flu. Mānuka honey coats the inner layer of the windpipe and reduces bacteria and inflammation in the region, which in addition to a soothing effect, also kills harmful bacteria.

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How to use Mānuka Honey to fight off cold and flu?

To fight off cold and flu, you need two things. One is the best Mānuka honey with a great MGO rating and the stamp of approval of an independent lab. And two, the following tips.

Mix with salt and water for a sore throat

Add a teaspoon of Mānuka honey in a mixture of salt and water and gargle three times a day. If it gets too intense for you, add fresh lemon juice, water, and honey into the mix. It soothes the throat within minutes.

Mānuka sweetened tea for dry cough

Adding a teaspoon of Mānuka honey into a cup of hot herbal tea melts the mucus and opens the chest. You can also have it as it is for relief during a cold day.

Get the best honey from Mānuka Lab

Mānuka honey's effectiveness relies on its quality. At Mānuka Lab, you get the best lab-tested Mānuka honey that packs an MGO rating of 525 and is the ultimate remedy for flu and cold. In addition to applauding its medicinal properties, customers have also reviewed it to have a "mouthwatering" taste.

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