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Give The Gift Of Manuka Honey This New Year

Give The Gift Of Manuka Honey This New Year

New Year is here, what are you planning to gift your loved ones? A pack of treats or a sweater is well and good, but what if your friends are health conscious? Don't you think they deserve something more than the flashy leggings you got last year? Don't worry; we have the perfect gifting idea for you – manuka honey.

Manuka Honey, derived from a flower that only blooms for a few weeks in the forests of New Zealand, is not only delicious but has properties that give many modern medications a run for their money. From the antibacterial properties that make them perfect for a sore throat to their thick texture that makes them a perfect vehicle for making health-conscious treats, Manuka honey is a gift that keeps on giving. But why should you focus on giving wellness gifts this year?

The Importance of Wellness-Based Gifts This Christmas

Cold and Flu patients have spiked this year and this year-end cold and flu will likely see more people hanging outside the chemist shops instead of buying Christmas present this year. Therefore, it is important that this year, in addition to the gifts you generally give, you don't forget to add wellness products like Manuka Lab's Manuka honey this year.

However, it is not only about physical health.

Wellness products let your friends know that you care

It is often said that it is the thought that counts – and with Wellness products, your thoughts are all positive. The moment your loved ones open a wellness gift, not only will their lips twist into a smile, but they will also feel it in their hearts that you care. And there is no better feeling than knowing that people really care about you.

It increases the happiness factor

We can only be "merry" if we are healthy and not "weary". With a wellness gift, you are giving people a reason to become happy. And Manuka honey is the most unconventional healthy gift there is. That brings us to our final and most important point about this matter.

Manuka honey has several benefits

If your wellness gift is Manuka honey, believe us, nothing will come close. The love and care that Manuka Labs puts into this product keep it pure and full of benefits. Not only will it help your health-conscious friends fight off colds and flu, but it will also help them improve their immunity.

It will help them stay active as Manuka honey can be mixed in with any energy drink they want. It will make them feel loved, as they can add Manuka honey in any treat they want. And it will keep them safe during these cold winters when the overcoat can only protect them so much.

4 best gifting ideas for manuka honey

When it comes to Manuka Honey gifts, you have multiple products to choose from. However, in order for the gift to be thoughtful, you must know the habits of your friends and choose the Manuka honey product accordingly. That gift will create a snowball effect that will help you create a long-lasting relationship.

For the friends who like to have smoothie every morning

If your health-conscious friend likes to have a smoothie every morning, why not bring him a gift that puts a smile on his face? We are talking about Manuka Lab's Manuka Honey with 40+ MGO. It is a perfect gift to add sweetness to those morning smoothies.

This antioxidant and prebiotic-packed gift are full of the good qualities your friend needs to go about his daily life healthily.

The texture is creamy, and the taste is luxurious, making it one of the best gifts to give if your friend likes their smoothie smooth, robust, and a bit less sweet.

For that tea loving friend

Nothing beats a hot cup of tea on a cold Christmas when the snow is up, and the weather is low. One sip of this and your friend will feel instant energy. But mix it with Manuka Lab's Manuka Honey, and you get a delight that not only warms you up but also shields you from the effect of cold and flu. Manuka honey is a great alternative for your health-conscious friend who has grown tired of being gifted a sweater every day.

And you get a couple of other treats in the mix so your friend can have that healthy evening snack they've been craving.

For a friend that likes to look nice

Putting a dollop of Manuka honey into a homemade face pack or putting on the face as it is will help the skin become smooth, moisturized, and amazingly soft to the touch. And let's not even talk about the great glow it brings to the face. So, do you have a friend who likes to look nice but doesn't want to sully her face with chemical-laced beauty products?

Pick out the Manuka Lab's 100+ MGO This dietary honey is perfect to put on the face or mix with the combination of spices that your friend prefers to keep her skin healthy.

For a friend who is always hitting the gym

The health properties of Manuka honey make it the most powerful honey in existence. The Manuka Labs apply a unique blend that focuses on keeping the honey pure, GMO verified, fully traceable from jar to give, and collected in an ethical way. The multiflora Manuka honey has a creamy texture and is a perfect thickening agent for protein shakes.

Therefore, for a friend that is always hitting the gym, give a Manuka Honey with a 100+ MGO rating. It is a perfect sweetener to add to protein shakes. The creamy texture will keep the protein shakes thick, and the antioxidant properties will help your friend recover fast.

Reach out to Manuka Lab for the highest quality manuka honey

If you're looking for the best quality of Manuka Honey, you can't stick with general stuff. Go with Manuka Lab's Manuka Honey. It is a certified product of New Zealand and equivalent to NPA 5+. Collected by the Kiwi bees and harvested from the untamed East Coast of New Zealand, there is no gift that comes close to this Manuka honey.

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