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Gift Your Kids With The Immunity Of Manuka Honey This Halloween

Gift Your Kids With The Immunity Of Manuka Honey This Halloween

Now that the world is finally open and kids are running around, yearning to get their “trick or treat” on, it is time for you, as a parent, to become even more prepared to keep them healthy. This Halloween, make sure to give them the gift of health with Manuka Honey.

Slightly less sweet and more viscous than the original honey, Manuka Honey packs a punch when it comes to giving you a health kick. Coming from the Manuka Trees of New Zealand, this honey is your key to having a “mildly” sweet Halloween with a slight dash of health. But what benefits could Manuka Honey bring to kids?

Benefits of Manuka Honey for children

Before giving you tips, let us answer one question: is Manuka honey safe for kids? This question is often asked when honey comes into the picture when administered to kids less than 12 months old. Honey is a cause of concern at this age, as their stomachs are not developed. Over 12 months Manuka is safe for kids, the 12 month rule applies to all honeys.

Dealing with immunity

Manuka honey is known to support the immune system in kids (and adults) thanks to its increasing cytokine production. Honey is a good antimicrobial and antibacterial, which makes it a good way to enhance your kid’s immune system.

People are so obsessed with its effectiveness that they choose to use Manuka before any additional antibiotics. Furthermore, whereas certain pathogens grow resistant to antibiotics with time, they have no defence against Manuka honey. It is thanks to the large amount of natural vitamins and minerals that Manuka honey comes packed with.


Presence of vitamins and minerals

You can only implore your kids so much to eat their veggies. Manuka honey packs the punch of vitamins and minerals inside its honey-ed delight. Full of B12 coenzymes, potassium, zinc, selenium, phosphorus, molybdenum, vitamin C, fatty acids, and Manganese, Manuka honey is nutrient-dense, making it suitable for your kids.


Dealing with cold and flu

Halloween marks the beginning of winter. And when it is winter, you can almost hear the subtle sounds of children sniffling in the background. Most concerned parents run to the chemist in these situations, grabbing antibiotics and cough syrups to make their kids feel better. However, Manuka Honey has proven to be more effective for a faster and healthier way to deal with cold and flu symptoms.

Take a glass of warm water and drop a spoonful of 300 MGO Manuka honey. For that extra potency, you can add a bit of lemon juice, ginger and top with pineapple juice. A sore throat will go away, and your kids will be able to tackle the discomfort, the pineapple juice is great if they have a cough.

Insomnia reduction

Olson, MD of Mayo Clinic, has said that Insomnia can affect one’s immune system. Studies show that people who don’t have a high quality of sleep are more susceptible to being harmed by a common cold virus. And preteens need anywhere from 9 to 12 hours of sleep; you must do everything you can to give them high-quality sleep.

Manuka honey can double as a good sleeping aid. The glycogen present in the honey can increase the production of melatonin, a hormone essential to regulating the sleep-wake cycle. Honey also contains tryptophan, an amino acid as powerful as melatonin, which is great after trick or treating.

Manuka Honey infused Halloween recipe for kids

Don’t expect your kids to find something healthy as they go out trick-or-treating. As a parent, the onus of making their Halloween healthier is yours. But the delight that comes with sweetness can’t be compromised, and the texture of candy must be maintained.

The best recipe for Halloween for kids is Manuka Honey Butterfingers.

 Lightly sweet, lightly salted, and filled with nutty goodness, butterfingers are underrated. One bite of it may make you sweep in nostalgia, and the fullness you feel makes it a lot better than “Snickers”. But butterfingers get a bad rep for being a bit healthier. So, the obvious step is to drive up its taste factor while making it even more beneficial. Here is the recipe to follow.

First, to start with butterfingers, you’ll need:

  1. One-third a cup of  100 MGO Manuka honey
  2. 1 cup of peanut butter (you can go with almond butter, but peanut butter is better)
  3. 1 and a third of a cup of brown rice Krispies cereal
  4. 1 cup of hard chocolate.

Take a sauce man and drop a cup of peanut butter and Manuka honey into it. Cook over low or medium heat and continue to stir for about two minutes. Once you have the honey-butter concoction, transfer it to a medium bowl and add a brown rice cereal. Start mixing.

Refrigerate this mixture for 15 minutes. Make sure that you don’t go too long. You need your butterfingers smooth and easy to bite, not hard candy.

While the mixture is in the fridge, melt some dark chocolate in a saucepan. Take out the mixture from the refrigerator. Use your spoon to scoop some of it, and use your hands to form it into a bar. Do it repeatedly until the mixture is finished. Go back to the fridge and place your bars inside; again for 15 minutes this time.

Take out the bars and dip them into the melted dark chocolate. Put the dark chocolate-covered treats on a baking sheet. Once all bars are dipped, open the fridge again to firm these bars for 15 minutes. Take out chocolates, wrap them up, and you’re ready to enjoy homemade Manuka honey butterfingers.

Receive the best Manuka Honey for the healthier Halloween treats

A Butterfinger infused with Manuka honey is just the tip of the iceberg. There are more to come. But to make them all, you need high-quality Manuka honey. With Manuka Lab, you get a direct line to high-quality Manuka honey right at your doorstep. Contact us today for the best honey to make the best Halloween delights.

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