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Busting the Budget Breaking Skincare Myth - How to Shop on a Budget for Skincare

Busting the Budget Breaking Skincare Myth - How to Shop on a Budget for Skincare

Having glowing, healthy skin doesn’t mean breaking the bank, or sacrificing the quality of the product. We’ve packed fantastic, natural ingredients that really work into our skincare range that sits under just £10.

Triple the goodness

To make the most of your skincare budget, look for products that are going to remedy the underlying issue of skin problems.

Our triple action range combines the antimicrobial properties of Mānuka Oil, Mānuka Honey, and Tea Tree oil to cleanse the skin of breakout causing bacteria. What’s even better, is these ingredients don’t dry out, or irritate sensitive skin, and instead leave it feeling nourished and fresh.

Pick your team

When purchasing products, it really does benefit to buy the range, as opposed to the single product. Yes, the skin rejuvenating cleanser will still do its job, but combine it with the soothing and antimicrobial properties in the matching moisturiser, and you’re packing an extra punch against bacterial build up. And to really concentrate on problem areas, pick up a blemish stick that contains the same ingredients, but in a concentrated formula, to kick nasty microbes to the curb.

Know your ingredients

When shopping for skincare, packaging and labels can tell you all sorts of things, but the real proof of the product’s success lies on the back of the bottle. Ingredients like Mānuka Hydrosol, and Tea Tree oil are natural and powerful cleansers, and make a big difference to the quality of a face wash. Similarly, Mānuka Oil is one of natures greatest hydrators, and when paired with high MGO Mānuka Honey, it rejuvenates tired, dry skin.

Brands may make consumers believe that you’ve got to reach deep into your pockets for great skincare, but we can proudly say that isn’t true for Manuka Lab. We’ve skipped on the unreasonable price tag, but not on the quality, nor the power of our skincare ingredients. 

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