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A Christmas Gift Guide For The Health Conscious

A Christmas Gift Guide For The Health Conscious

With Christmas comes New Year, and with a new year comes New Year's resolution. Do you know that over 48% of people resolve to improve their fitness every new year? If you look at the world's state now, you already know how many of them are actually able to stick to their promises and how many step back after a few days.

What if there is a simple way to follow up with a healthy lifestyle, something that is easy to eat as it is sweet and packs a mega-health punch that can keep you healthy from breakfast all the way to lunch? That's the Christmas Gift Manuka honey is.

In this guide, we will look at the best Christmas gift that will keep you healthy.

Top 3 Manuka Honey inspired Christmas gift ideas for the health conscious

Manuka Honey 40+ MGO

Let us take care of your taste buds first. If you are looking to gain a healthy body this new year, you will need to adopt a healthy lifestyle. But the road is tough, especially when surrounded by delectable egg nog and other Christmas treats.

That is why the first gift is so important. 40+ MGO Manuka honey could be your regular health guide if you are a cook and want some sweets to keep you going. Also, since one variant of this honey is multi-floral, you will have a wider sweet taste profile to cook your dishes with.

Manuka Honey 300+ MGO

What if you have a friend who is already pursuing a healthy lifestyle but wants to up the ante the next year? He is eyeing that six-pack in his future, and for that, he will need all the help he needs. Manuka honey is a good companion for this fitness junkie.

However, here too, you must know which one to go with. However, if that health-conscious friend is serious about growing more muscular next year, an MGO 300+ Manuka honey is a much better option. It is tasty and will be good to drizzle over protein pancakes.

Manuka Honey 525+ MGO

Maybe your friend's goal is to become prettier next year. They might need a better skincare routine to give them an edge. With Manuka honey, it is possible. It has hydration properties, which will help keep their skin moisturised and soft. 525+ is also a higher MGO so will give a higher level of antibacterial activity.

Also, this Christmas gift is perfect as an antioxidant, keeping yourself feeling healthier the skin younger. 

Top 4 Christmas gift ideas to compliment Manuka Honey

If you are gifting your friend a jar of Manuka honey only, it will be enough, but it won't be much appreciated. You have to have a companion gift to give it with. So, here are some cool gift ideas you can wrap alongside Manuka honey to gift to your friends and family. 

A sleep wellness kit

With people getting so little sleep, it is no wonder they are always so mad. With this kit, however, your friend can sleep easily. You can go online and check out multiple health supplements that offer this.

The melatonin-infused is perfect for turning those sleepless nights into sleepful ones. And the best part is that they are all-natural.

Hydration powder

Another good gift is a large pack of hydration powder. Full of electrolytes, this pack has a lot of flavours packed in. You can go with the standard lemonade for a summer-touched flavour. Grape and raspberry are also good flavours.

And tell them to add a bit of manuka honey to give those hydration drinks an extra tinge of sweetness.

Resistance bands

While a healthy diet is the key to keeping someone healthy, if your friend also wants a good-looking body to help, they require something else. If they are too shy for the gym, help them by gifting them some resistance bands.

They come in multiple weights, are portable, and can help people achieve their health goals quickly. For those looking to get a bit of extra spring in their step, this is a gift they will never forget.

Small juice machine

Imagine a shaker that doubles as a juicer. Think of how good of a gift that would make. That's what small juicing machines do. You can carry them in your bags since all of them are rechargeable. They are good for making protein shakes, juices, and even smoothies if you have enough ice.

And, like always, you can add a bit of Manuka honey to make these juices a bit sweeter.

Wrapped with wellness 

This Christmas, focus on not just giving a well-wrapped gift but one that's wrapped with wellness. Manuka honey is the perfect gift. Its healthy properties can make any life better.

But make sure to get the right one for this job. Reach out to Manuka Lab to get ethically sourced honey for you


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