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5 way’s you can sweeten your life with Mānuka Honey

5 way’s you can sweeten your life with Mānuka Honey

Honey is an extraordinary ingredient that is recognised for its versatility in food all over the world. From Greek savoury dishes, to rich, decadent Turkish desserts, honey’s deliciousness can be incorporated into every meal of the day.



For a relaxed Sunday morning start, mix up a fluffy stack of pancakes and fold in a cup of chopped pecans. Replace your traditional maple syrup, with MANUKA LAB honey and enjoy the mouth watering combination of honey and pecan. The added texture from the crunchy pecans, and the melted honey oozing over the fresh pancakes is the ultimate weekend treat.

On those rushed and busy workdays, give your day a health boost by blending up half a banana, one cup of oat milk, two tbsp of peanut butter, a quarter cup of oats, and two teaspoons of MANUKA LAB honey.

Perfect every day of the week, this breakfast favourite is packed with healthy, nourishing fats, energy sustaining carbohydrates and anti-microbial properties promoting immunity boosting powers of MANUKA LAB MGO 525 Manuka honey.



Making healthy choices often comes down to giving yourself time to plan, and this easy prep honey soy orange salad is a go-to for any busy bee. Add your favourite salad leaves, and extras (we think avocado and pine nuts go amazingly with this recipe!), and peel and cube a large orange. For the dressing, mix 1tbsp of sesame oil, and soy sauce, and pour in any left over orange juice from the chopping board. Finally, add a teaspoon of Mānuka Lab honey and mix it up for a refreshing, asian style salad with a twist.



With so much beautiful, seasonal veggies at our disposal, we wanted to share one of our favourite ways of cooking with honey. In a saucer, mix up two tablespoons of a cooking oil of your choice, and three tablespoons of Manuka Lab Manuka honey. Toss julienned carrots, zucchini, or asparagus spears in the oil and honey mix, and sprinkle with a little salt and pepper. Pop your Mānuka honey coated veggies in the oven for 20-30 minutes at 180˚c and leave them to tenderise and crisp.

Pair your favourite veggies and protein for an easy and adaptable no fuss dinner.



You’ve been good all week, it’s time to treat yourself with something a little… saucy… Honey roasted pears is quite literally the dessert of royals, as it’s documented it was a favourite of Cleopatra’s. Brought over from ancient Greece by her honey, Caesar, the pears were baked in a stone oven, stewing in their natural juice, and honey.

In a non-stick tray, add the halved, and cored pears, a teaspoon of butter on each half, and drizzle over four tablespoons of Mānuka honey. Bake in the oven for 20 minutes at 180˚c, and rest the baked pears on the side to cool for five minutes before adding a generous dollop of mascarpone to each half.

Honey can be incorporated into any meal, bringing with it the health benefits that Mānuka honey is famous for. By using a high MGO Manuka, such as MANUKA LAB Mānuka Honey MGO 525, in day to day life, the extraordinary soothing properties can work magic on a vast array of health and beauty issues and leave your days feeling that bit sweeter.

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