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5 Reasons Why Manuka Honey May be Good For Pregnancy

5 Reasons Why Manuka Honey May be Good For Pregnancy

When you are pregnant, bringing a new life into your life, you must prepare to prepare your body for a tough time. The hormonal imbalance pushes your body to go haywire, and the morning sickness can throw you into a tizzy. Thankfully, there are multiple remedies to keep you healthy while you are taking care of two people. One of those ways is to use Manuka honey.

What is Manuka Honey?

Manuka Honey is a (mostly) monofloral honey derived from Manuka trees in New Zealand. They are known for their earthier, less sweet taste and MGO content. For medicinal purposes, manuka honey is used for its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammable properties. It is also rich in amino acids, which are an essential part of improving your immune system.

However, pregnancy can be a tough time, and honey, even though known for its medicinal properties, may not be suitable for everyone. So, before we dive into the benefits, learn if pregnant women can consume manuka honey.

Can pregnant women take Manuka Honey?

Thankfully, Manuka honey is safe for pregnant women to consume. It can be included as a safe sweetener during pregnancy unless the doctor says otherwise. During pregnancy, the gut becomes capable of handling the bacteria in honey.

During pregnancy, the biggest concern women have with honey is that contaminated honey can cause botulism - a serious illness that happens due to clostridium spores, a type of bacteria.

That said, pregnancy already pushes the immune system, making it easier for your body to deal with any type of honey - manuka or otherwise. Furthermore, with ethically sourced honey from Manuka Lab,  you don't need to worry about contamination at all.

Benefits of Manuka Honey during pregnancy

Here are the major benefits of using Manuka honey during pregnancy.

It strengthens the immune system

Your immune system needs to be more consolidated and more powerful during pregnancy. Any infection you might suffer from can biologically amplify in your unborn child. You can take advantage of manuka honey's anti-bacterial properties and support your immune system. And with a stronger immune system, you will better handle those months.

Cough and sore throat

Any type of discomfort during pregnancy is bad. And things become worse when you are suffering from a cough or sore throat. You can't put too much pressure on your already pressured body. Manuka honey can help you easily deal with these issues. Studies have shown that Manuka honey may be able to suppress cough more effectively than over-the-counter cough suppressants. And since it is also safe for you to eat ginger during pregnancy, you can make yourself a fragrant tea mixed with ginger and honey to deal with your sore throat.

Honey can help you sleep

Increased frequency of urination, general discomfort, heartburn, and pains and aches are just a few of the reasons you have trouble sleeping when pregnant. And a restless mind can also be taxing on your unborn child. That is why many suggest that pregnant women consume manuka honey regularly to improve their sleep quality.

Manuka honey has anxiolytic properties from antioxidants such as chrysin and gallic acid - elements in Manuka honey. These help reduce stress - allowing you to have a good night's sleep.

Manuka Honey helps with a healthy scalp

The hormonal changes during pregnancy sometimes, but not often, have another drawback - hair loss. While hair growth resumes once the period is over, the resultant stress it might cause maybe even too much for Manuka honey to handle. With Manuka honey, however, you can promote a healthy scalp. Rather than consuming the honey, you can apply a high MGO manuka honey on your scalp after diluting it in warm water. The product's antifungal and anti-bacterial properties will help you fight off any bacteria or fungus coverings over your scalp. Dandruff may also go away, and the smoothness of the honey will provide you relief from an itchy scalp.

Easing heartburn

Every mother goes through a period of heartburn during pregnancy. But being common doesn't mean that it doesn't cause discomfort. Heartburn happens due to an acid overload, which is a direct consequence of hormonal changes. With Manuka Honey, however, you may be able to  keep your acid levels down - which will relieve you of your heart burns.

Get the Best Manuka Honey From Manuka Lab

Manuka honey can be a godsend to pregnant women. Above, we have only listed some of the benefits of this product for those who are bearing a child. However, to get the best results, you need an uncontaminated batch of honey that has been ethically sourced straight from the forests of New Zealand. Manuka Lab can help.

Contact us to learn more about Manuka honey and order yourself a jar.

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